Your expenses in Pakistan and Turkey

Expenses in Pakistan

Bachelors Fee / Year

Architecture and Design / Social Science / Engineering: 7,900 USD
Communication / Education Sciences/ Health Sciences: 5,530 USD

MBBS - Medicine Fee / Year

25,000 USD

Masters Fee / Year

12,000 USD (CGPA below 2.75)
9,000 USD (CGPA: 2.75 or above)

PhD Fee / Year

12,500 USD
(Three Installments possible. Program Duration: 3.5 years)

Air Ticket

400 $ (One Way)

Expenses in Turkey

Living Expense

2,000 $ / Semester
Includes: Per month accommodation, food, utilities and travelling

Visa & Insurance Fee

54,000 PKR

Resident Permit

100 $

Available Fields

The following programs are available in Bachelor’s and Masters.

Business & Management




Information Technology


MBBS & Other Medical Programs


Arts & Culture


Media Sciences


Hotel Management & Tourism

Our Services

We have smart services to help you throughout your abroad education journey.

Student Counseling

We provide complete guidance to our students according to their academic and financial profile.

Securing Admission

We make sure that our every student gets enrolled in their desired program and university.

Visa & Interview Preparation

We make sure that our every student
is well prepared for visa application and interview.


We help students to get maximum scholarships in different universities on merit basis.

Pre-departure Information

We provide our students with complete step by step information which are required to do after reaching Turkey.


We help our students with a place to
live according to their preferences and budget.

Admission Requirements


  • High School
  • Documents
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Resume
  • TOEFL or English proficiency exam at the campus


  • Bachelors Degree & Transcript
  • High School Documents
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Resume
  • TOEFL or English proficiency exam at the campus
Note: Students waiting for results can also apply on the basis of hope certificate.

Additional Services

Note: Costing can be provided upon request.