Your expenses in Pakistan and Hungary

Expenses in Pakistan

Application Fee

150 $

Entrance Fee

350 $

Visa & Documentation

200 $

Air Ticket

550 $

Expenses in Hungary

Living Expense

1,500 $ per semester (Food & Traveling Expenses)

On-Campus Accommodation

700$/Semester (5 months) **Subject to availability

Visa Extension

100 $

Available Programs

Preparatory Programs

Basic Medicine Course 7000 USD
English Language Course Sept-May 6000 USD
Intensive English Language Course February - June 3600 USD
Intensive Foundation Semester February - June 3600 USD
International Foundation Year for Music Sept - May 7000 USD
International Foundation Year Sept - May 6000 USD
Short English Language Course Sept - Dec 3000 USD

Bachelor Programs

Agribusiness and Rural Development Engineering 7000 USD
Agricultural Engineering 6500 USD
Biochemical Engineering 7000 USD
Biology 6500 USD
Biotechnology 6500 USD
Business Administration and Management 7000 USD
Business Informatics 7000 USD
Chemical Engineering 7000 USD
Chemistry 6500 USD
Civil Engineering 7500 USD
Commerce and Marketing 7000 USD
Computer Science 7000 USD
Contemporary Music 10000 USD
Computer Science Engineering 7000 USD
Dietetics BSc 6000 USD
Earth Sciences, BSc 6500 USD
Electrical Engineering 7000 USD
English and American Studies 6000 USD
Food Engineering 6500 USD
Geography, BSc 6500 USD
Kindergarten Education 6000 USD
Mathematics 6500 USD
Mechanical Engineering 7500 USD
Mechatronics Engineering 7500 USD
Musical Creative Arts and Musicology 10000 USD
Nursing BSc 6500 USD
Performance (Music) 10000 USD
Psychology 6000 USD
Physics 6500 USD
Physiotherapy BSc 6000 USD
Precision Agricultural Engineering 6500 USD
Professional Pilot, BSc 35000 USD
Public Health BSc 6000 USD
Romance Philology and Cultures (French Studies) 6000 USD
Vehicle Engineering 7000 USD

Master Programs

Agricultural Environmental Management Engineering 7500 USD
Agricultural Water Management Engineering, MSc 7500 USD
American Studies 7000 USD
Animal Husbandry Engineering 7500 USD
Applied Mathematics 7500 USD
Biology, MSc 7500 USD
Business Informatics 7500 USD
Chemistry 7500 USD
Chemical Engineering 8000 USD
Classical Musical Instrumental Performance 10000 USD
Complex Rehabilitation MSc 8000 USD
Computer Science 7500 USD
Computer Science Engineering 7500 USD
Crop Production Engineering 7500 USD
Data Science 7500 USD
Dentistry 17500 USD*
Engineering Management 8000 USD
English Studies 7000 USD
Environmental Engineering, MSc 8000 USD
Environmental Sciences, MSc 7500 USD
European and International Business Law - LL.M. 7000 USD
Food Safety and Quality Engineering 7500 USD
Geography, MSc 7500 USD
Geoinformatics 7500 USD
Hydrobiology – Water Quality Management 7500 USD
International Economy and Business 7500 USD
Mechanical Engineering 8000 USD
Mechatronical Engineering 8000 USD
Medicine 16900 USD
Molecular Biology MSc 8500 USD
Pharmacy 8000 USD
Physics 7500 USD
Plant Protection 7500 USD
Postgraduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence 16000 USD
Postgraduate Diploma in Lean Engineer 7500 USD
Postgraduate Diploma in Lean Manager 7500 USD
Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Engineering and Sustainability Leadership 7500 USD
Public Health MSc 8000 USD
Rural Development Engineering 7500 USD
Social Work in Health Care MSc 5500 USD
Social Work and Social Economy MA 5500 USD
Urban Systems Engineering, MSc 8000 USD

PhD Programs

Animal Science 6500 USD
Biology and Environmental Sciences 6500 USD
Business and Management 12500 USD
Chemistry 6500 USD
Crop Sciences and Horticulture 6500 USD
Doctoral School of Nutrition and Food Sciences (Food Science) 9800 USD
Doctoral School of Nutrition and Food Sciences (Nutrition Science) 16900 USD
Earth Sciences 6500 USD
History and Ethnology PhD 6500 USD
Human Sciences 6500 USD
Informatics 6500 USD
Legal Studies 6500 USD
Linguistics PhD 6500 USD
Literary and Cultural Studies PhD 6500 USD
Mathematical and Computational Sciences 6500 USD
Physics 6500 USD
Health Sciences 16900 USD
Pharmaceutical Sciences 16900 USD
Molecular Medicine 16900 USD
Molecular Cell and Immune Biology 16900 USD
Neurosciences 16900 USD
Clinical Medicine 16900 USD
Clinical Immunology and Allergology 16900 USD
Kálmán Laki Doctoral School 16900 USD
Dental Sciences 16900 USD

Our Services

We have smart services to help you throughout your abroad education journey.

Student Counseling

We provide complete guidance to our students according to their academic and financial profile.

Securing Admission

We make sure that our every student gets enrolled in their desired program and university.

Visa & Interview Preparation

We make sure that our every student
is well prepared for visa application and interview.


We help students to get maximum scholarships in different universities on merit basis.

Pre-departure Information

We provide our students with complete step by step information which are required to do after reaching Hungary.


We help our students with a place to
live according to their preferences and budget.

Admission Requirements


  • High School
  • Documents
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Resume
  • IELTS min 6.5 bands / University online test


  • Bachelors Degree & Transcript
  • High School Documents
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Resume
  • IELTS min 6.5 bands / University online test
Note: Students waiting for results can also apply on the basis of hope certificate.

Additional Services

Note: Costing can be provided upon request.